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11:01 pm, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> team tragedy, a cowboys player killed in a car crash. now his teammate booked on serious charges. reactions from the storied franchise. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. it's another tragedy for the nfl. one player is dead and another facing manslaughter charges. a fatal drunk driving accident. >> skid marks line the texas roadway where police say dallas cowboy josh brent lost control of his car killing a teammate. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at
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least one time. >> police say brent was driving drunk when he crashed his 2007 mercedes saturday morning. the lineman is charged with intoxication manslaughter for the death of 25-year-old jerry brown, a member of the team's practice squad. brown was unresponsive when they arrived. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> brent and brown were college teammates at the university of illinois. the two were reunited in october when the cowboys signed brown after the indianapolis colts released him. cowboys owner jerry jones said at this time our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of jerry's families and all of those who knew and loved him. news stunned cowboys fans. >> man, that's sad to hear. i mean, life plays out sometimes like you don't plan
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it. >> many say they are standing by their team. >> i love my cowboys. i love my cowboys, and i'm routeing for them, and i'm hoping everything turns out okay. >> the team arrived in cincinnati saturday. and police say brent will stay behind bars until he goes before a judge. turns out this isn't the first time he's faced drunk driving charges. he was also charged with dui in 2009. an investigation under way afters is tapes are lost in a dc metro train. according to cnn a contractor working for the secret service accidentally left a pouch containing two computer backup tapes back in 2008. those tapes stored personnel and investigative information. they were never recovered. it is still not clear why homeland security is opening the case five years later. after four years in a cuban prison cell, new mow men to
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momentum to try and free alan gross. wjz is live on the story. alex demetrick on why timing. >> reporter: with the presidential elections over those seeking to bring adam gross back home to maryland is hoping the time is right for cuba and the obama administration to resolve a diplomatic stalemate. >> in cuba modernization is relative. when alan gross was em employed to bring satellite phones to connect a small jewish community with the internet. he's been in prison ever since charged with crimes against the state. on the cbs morning show his wife says they do talk once a week by phone. >> giving him hope that yes we're working as hard as we can and telling him what senators or whoever has been involved. >> he should be released. he should be released because he never should have been detained. >> but the castro government says five of its spies in the
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u.s. must be released first. >> the united states government refuses with the cuban government to achieve a solution. >> when senator cardinal was asked about that on cbs. >> they're totally different cases. what cuba has to do is release alan gross. >> that doesn't mean they can't sit down and try and talk again and again and try until they reach something. >> what might break the stalemate is the end of the presidential campaign. mr. obama carried florida's cuban america vote. they want the white house to take it. >> the administration has been visited by us to make it clear that this needs to be a high priority. we got to get alan gross back. >> alan gross is 63 years old and his family says he has health problems. he is serving a 15 year prison sentence. >> thanks so much. those five cubans were arrested in the u.s. in 1998. the castro government admits they were spying, but refers to
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them as heros. anti-apartheid icon nelson mandella has been admit today a hospital in south africa. mandella is undergoing tests and there is no cause for alarm. in a statement they said the former south african president is doing well. he does receive medical treatment from time to time which is fairly consistent with a man his age. officials at the hospital where the duchess of cambridge was treated are now publicly condemning a prank that happened just days before one of their nurses ended up dead. tonight we have an update on those pranksters. >> fellow nurses left a bouquet of flowers and a note expressing their sorrow outside the building where jacintha's body was found. they sent a letter to the owners of australian radio station condemning the actions of two of its djs. they played a hoax. >> i think it's a terrible
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shame, catastrophe that she felt she to do something so tragically glad she transferred a prank call from the radio host to another nurse treating the duchess of cambridge for morning sickness. that nurse gave a detailed report to the d. j.s. >> they may have done it as a prank but they didn't think of the consequences afterwards. >> the hosts took down their twitter accounts and agreed to suspend their show indefinitely. their boss says the djs are shocked. >> their primary concern is for the family of nurse saldona. this is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen. >> her family is mourning her loss. >> . >> her sister-in-law broke down describing the mother of two as a good natured beautiful woman. >> and london police say her death is not suspicious, but they will not confirm how she
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died until an autopsy is completed. hospital officials say she was not reprimanded for transferring that phone call. back here to baltimore city, police are asking for your help finding a suspect who is wanted in a deadly hit and run accident. detectives are trying to locate the woman seen in these pictures. they say she was captured on surveillance video at the scene of the crash which happened on november 17th here on frank ford avenue. a car hit and killed a man and took off. anyone with information on that suspect or the crash is asked to call baltimore city police. a deadly shooting is also under investigation in west baltimore this weekend. a 22-year-old man was found bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds in the 2300 block of westwood avenue. the victim later died. investigators believe the victim was outside when an unknown suspect shot him. a controversial method of getting natural gas now under
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consideration here in western maryland. gigi barnett reports on the first statewide conference on the issue of fracking. >> this is hydraulic fracturing or fracking for short. it's a new controversial method of finding natural gas and virginia and west virginia soil and gas companies are leasing vast amounts of farmland for fracking. now they set their sights on maryland but one unanswered question remains. is fracking safe. >> this is more than just about maryland. this is about do we want these sort of drilling operations all over our state. if we did do them all over the state what would happen. >> mike tidwell runs at chesapeake action network. it's an independent environmental group which launched a day long conference at the university of baltimore on the pitfalls and profits of fracking. it's banned in maryland by order of the government tidwell says fracking has wreaked havoc in other states. >> controversial because it's
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led to contaminated water. it's led to earthquakes, forest fragmentation, deforest station. >> while this is the first statewide conference to look at the pros and cons for some farmers in western pennsylvania and ohio, the drilling practice has paid off by hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i never dreamed of money like this. >> $434,000. >> it fell out of the sky. >> gas and oil companies have asked to drill on dana's farm in western maryland, but she wants a study first. >> there are going to be huge haves and have notes. it's like gambling in las vegas. are you going to be a big winner or a big loser. very southwesting issue. more than 300 people attended this weekend's conference. it is a wrap. a long time baltimore theater says a final good-bye. today board members volunteers and actors got together for a final time at this every man
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theater location. for 18 years the popular theater is now moving across town to fayette street. sky chopper 13 was there earlier this week. check this out when the lights were officially turned on. the theater will open at stores in january. great location right down there by the up and coming theater district on the west side of downtown. a lot more still to come. belfast battle, how a fight over flags turned chaotic. psy says sorry, the rapping sensation known for gangnam style apologizes for anti- american lyrics. find out what he said. >> and dramatic rescue, how a california woman's hike nearly ended in tragedy. >> it's a holiday effort to help victims of superstorm sandy. i'm tim williams with more from towson coming up. >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. the mild air is going to continue, but so does the
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chance for some rain. we'll have your first warning forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the -- ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride... ♪ get in the holiday spirit with dunkin's peppermint mocha new white chocolate, or gingerbread flavors today. america runs on dunkin'.
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. looks like pea soup out there. foggy again. 50 degrees in central maryland. bernadette woods will have the complete forecast coming up. first why police try to control
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pro british loyalists. 2,000 rioters gathered in belfast calling for the british flag to return to the roof of city hall. a vote by irish nationalists has removed the flag on all but 17 days. pakistan's president and his daughter make a surprise visit to the uk. they stopped at birmingham's queen elizabeth hospital to meet malala yousufzai. she's the 15-year-old girl shot by the taliban. she was shot at her home in pakistan after campaigning for girl's education. pakistan's president has added his signature to her petition. and hospital officials say that malala is doing quite well. the rapper made famous by his gangnam style dance is apologizing. psy says hess sorry for making anti-american statements at a 2004 performance. the performer says the song lyrics were reactions to the war in iraq and the killing of two korean schoolgirls run over by a u.s. tank. he is scheduled to tape a
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christmas in washington special tomorrow. a wrong turn leaves a california woman clinging for her life. she was on a routine hike through griffith park when she made one wrong turn. the trail slowly narrowed until the ground beneath her started to crumble. she clung to some vegetation on the trail to keep from falling off on the side. hikers along the correct trail heard her cries for help and called police. >> thank god i'm still alive. i was about to die. >> lucky woman there. crews rescued her by helicopter. she was cold and exhausted but otherwise she suffered no serious injuries. they've hauled supplies to the hardest hit areas and now members are uniting for victims of superstorm sandy. tim williams has more from towson. >> it's been more than a month since superstorm sandy. relief efforts continue. >> someone -- you know, this is
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very small. if you get a household item, but it's new, but it's just the thought that, you know, somebody for a away is thinking about you. >> at the tow united methodist church friends of the port community are filling and sending this truck to staten island. new daily household items are the stock of choice. >> they're rebuilding. they don't need furniture yet because there are no houses. there's a lot of need. >> very inspirational to see how american people are so generous. >> it's a generosity not universally shared. >> maryland woke up in the lower shore to this headline, u.s. denies aid to maryland storm victims. >> the federal emergency management agency or fema is covering repairs to public areas on the eastern shore but says the storm did not cause enough damage to justify assistance to individuals who lost homes or businesses, more reason donation efforts like
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this one are crucial and timely. >> a lot of times it's easy for us to get consumed in what we need and want and this helps us to not focus internally but focus on others around us. >> from towson tim williams wjz eyewitness news. >> items from the relief effort are expected to reach new york sometime on monday. a farmer turns a 200-acre field into a giant proposal, but not everything went according to to plan. a washington man used a tractor to plow a message into the field. a little snowy out there. it wasn't until the couple was up in an airplane when his fiancee saw the message. look closely. it says jody will you marry me but the j is backyards. she decided to marry him anyway. the couple plans to get hitched next month. >> wrong j. >> it worked. >> mission accomplished right? >> that's pretty creative.
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>> and snow up there and snow in a lot of your home world in minnesota. >> up in minnesota, huh? >> yeah, getting some of that snowen there. >> when are we going to get some. it seems so far off with this warm weather doesn't it. >> it does. this forecast is not anything that cold. we're going to show you first warning doppler, right now. a few areas of drizzle and some light rain and that's because of a front that's skirting by to the north tonight. and we'll take you out further to the west. this batch over parts of west virginia and virginia moving to the east. that's going to continue to move over maryland. we're going to see a few rounds as we head through the night. the clouds came in. they tried to break up at times. they didn't really work, and then the fog has resettled into the areas where it lifted, and it's going to stick around through the night, and as we said also seeing a little bit
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of rain out there, too. light winds out there also helping in that fog and here visibilities across the region. you can see at baltimore 2 miles, a lot of these since we're already down to a mile down to 0. dense fog in locations and that's going to continue through the morning hours. now with all of that going on, temperatures really aren't moving that much. 50 degrees in baltimore right now. we have a couple of 49s out there and 51 in dc. we only got to a high of 53 which is above average. tomorrow temperatures hovering right around the same mark, but we go up before we come back down, and it's because of this mild air down to our south. here is the storm tracker right in here. it's widing the comfort -- dividing the comfortable air from our south and the cooler air in the north. here's where the cold air is that is producing a lot of the snowstorms. that's going to stay locked in on the knot. we have the first front in the
11:21 pm
north. and then the second front will come through later monday into tuesday. we're going to keep the clouds around and various chances for rain until that second front comes through here. then when it does, it's going to dry us out for the middle part of the week and cool us down, but it feels closer to average. we'll show you those numbers in a moment. in the waters northeast winds at 5 to 10 knots. the bay temperature 48 degrees. we have the fog out there, some rain, drizzle, 46 for our low. tomorrow going up to about 51 degrees with some of that rain out there. anyone heading to the game probably going to want to bring your rain gear. monday we have that second front coming through. it warms up ahead of that. but when it cools down and dries out during the day tuesday, may still see showers early in the morning. tuesday afternoon we could see sunshine returning. the winds picking up, but our highs still in the upper 40s, which are closer to average. adam. >> all right. thanks so much. coming up next in sports, stan tells us who won the heisman trophy. that's coming
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. the sports report, the heisman awarded tonight. >> we thought it was going to be a close vote. not on this night. what a battle off the field where the balancing was expected to be like that in determines this evening's 2012 heisman trophy winner. an annual award symbolic of the best player this season. >> and now the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is johnny manziel. texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got that top honor. 471 first place votes. first freshman ever to win the heisman. notre dame linebacker manti te'o who had already claimed the -- he's a defender by the way. finished second with 321 votes.
11:26 pm
finishing third was kansas state quarterback collin klein. on the field today in philadelphia headed into today's 113th week navy owned army beating them the last ten times in a row. for most of this game army was right on target in completing an about face in this series. cadets were leading navy 13-10. sinking but there's army missing a field goal that would have given them a 6-point cushion. that allowed them to navigate a -- their senior brandon turner with a nice 29-yard hookup. he told me he's getting ready to be a u.s. marine. very next play, there is keenan reynolds the freshman from tennessee, 8-yard touchdown. and then with about a minute left in the game it's a fumble. navy fumbles -- excuse me. army fumbles on the navy 14- yard line and they hold on for
11:27 pm
a 17-13 victory. 11 straight over army. wins the commander in chief trophy for having more overall wins in air force than army. less than 24 hours from now the pregame hype will be gone with the wind once the washington redskins host the baltimore ravens who happen to be the 2 and a half point underdogs. >> we've only lost three games so our t -- believe they're doing that and it's all about executing and looking forward to getting it done. we're going to have our hands full but we had a great week of practice. >> be sure not to miss the beltway battle here on wjz. kickoff at 1:00 tomorrow. stay tuned for our special live postgame show immediately afterwards. we'll have highlights, reaction analysis and more right after the game here on wjz 13. college hoops from college park. south carolina state with a mighty fine jumper.
11:28 pm
he had 12 against the host maryland terrapins who are taller and more talented. 7-footer alex lynn. he had 13, 37% shooting. an early troublesome bulldog defense. logan and the terps get the hard earned win. that's the wrong score. 61-46. their eighth win in a row and it has them sitting pretty at 8 and 1. terps doing good. >> very nice. >> thanks so much
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a little girl in wisconsin gets her christmas wish early. >> what would you like for christmas? >> my daddy to come home. >> where is daddy? >> in the afghanistan. >> your dad's in afghanistan? >> uh-huh. >> moments later she was surprised because she got exactly what she wished for. boy that will make you believe in santa, doesn't it? her father u.s. army captain
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steve oak walked through the door. his arrival was three days ahead of schedule.
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